Thursday, July 31, 2014

a little healthy competition

Alright folks... it's almost been a YEAR since I started my healthfood blog and what have I done with it? Nothing. That's right. Typical slacker-Ciara is at it again. But today is a different day. Today is the beginning of a CHALLENGE!

My boyfriend Doug and I are challenging each other to see who can reach their goal first.

Let's meet the contestants...



Goal: to get his pilot's license. 


Goal: to lose 50 pounds.


We are both looking at approximately a 6 month time period but we will adjust if for some reason we need to do so. 

We do not, however, have a prize in mind for the winner. So if you think of a great idea please leave me a comment!

A little more about myself and my goal... I've been a part of TeamBeachBody for about a year now, but I have recently gotten a new coach Alyssa, who I started following on Instagram awhile back. I noticed that she did a lot of the beachbody workouts I was trying (T25 for instance) and I enjoyed her posts about fitness... just recently she became my new coach officially. I'm now a part of her team and there's a great support group on facebook. 

I'm hoping that by documenting mine and Doug's progress I will remain motivated and hopefully I can help others stay motivated as well. This is also another form of accountability. I am now accountable to my boyfriend and my team community. So I've decided to post my before pictures and stats. The quality isn't the best (i'm kindof a stickler about photo quality) but I can't find my regular camera cord and it's more important that I get these pictures up and not worry so much about the quality.

Wish me luck! GO TEAM BOOM!

5' 0" - 170 lbs
hips: 42.5
waist: 41.5
thighs: 24
calves: 15
arms: 13
boobs: 44



  1. You go girl! I'm cheering for you! (And maybe juicing with you...) While I want Doug to get his pilot license so you guys will freaking visit me already.... I hope you beat him! You can do it!!!

  2. Accountability is great! Cheering you in girl!