Monday, August 18, 2014

Juice for Life! -competition update

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So far, since Doug and I started the competition on July 31st (2014) I've lost 13 pounds!
  • July 31- August 9th: cut calorie intake to 1,200 - limited sugars, caffeine, fake foods. Doing T25 and Piyo daily.
  • August 10th-14th: Days 1-5 of my Reboot with Joe - eating veggies and juicing twice a day; about the same calorie intake. Still doing Piyo.
  • August 14th-TODAY; Just Juice! Today is my 4th day of just drinking juice (but juice I mean fruits and veggies juiced in a juicer). I've got 6 more days to go after today. I'm still doing Piyo and light exercise because exercise is important. But it's also important not to overwork my body and crash my immune system. 
Due to my week of preparation I have not really had any headaches. I've had a few minor ones but drinking water fixed them right up! I haven't even been hungry except when I was supposed to be. It's nice to actually feel what hungry feels like.

Today I'm going to do some more research on juicing and find out how to transition off of just juice. I imagine I can just go backwards. Keep juicing but slowly add cooked veggies and stuff back in.

How do I feel? I feel GREAT! :-) I have more energy than I did when I was eating junk. Sure, I miss eating and I want to eat the fun food that everyone else is eating, but I'm holding strong. Here are just some examples of staying steadfast ...
Green Glory at Buffalo Wild Wings
Green Lemonade at Naps Grill
Both places were really awesome about letting me just drink my juice. I had a nice conversation with our waitress at Buffalo Wild Wings. She's actually done the juicing thing before but said she couldn't get past the taste of kale. I don't really mind kale at all, as you probably already know about me!

?Are you interested in doing a juicing program?

Go to Joe's Reboot with Joe website and read about it. There's a checklist of how to begin on there too. 
You don't have to do 15 days; there are 3 day, 5 day and 10 day programs too!
BE PREPARED! Don't start off with juice. Take a week to cut back your calorie intake, cut out sugars, fake foods and caffeine. You'll be glad you did. You'll lose weight & you'll do better once you start the juice fast.
Use a calorie tracker like myfitnesspal to help  you stay focused.
Get connected with people, get support from friends, connect with Joe's online community and communities on facebook.
Good luck if you start! I'd be happy to help if you have any questions! Find me on Facebook and message me!


And how is Doug doing? Great! We had a long flight this past weekend. Helena to Laurel and back. His instructor said he's not too far from soloing! After that he'll start doing some flights on his own. He has two flights scheduled this week. He's been studying the books hard too. So proud of him!

Edith and Baldie area from the plane

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