Friday, August 8, 2014

Competition Update: Reboot with Joe!

I have decided to do a Reboot Juice Cleanse! It's 15 days total. 5 days of eating and juicing and 10 days of pure juicing. I will start on Sunday August 10th and finish on Sunday August 24th. It's gonna be a long long time! But I'm excited and ready for a challenge.

I've been using the myfitnesspal app to track my calories and it's working! I've lost 6 pounds since I started tracking! I'm so proud of myself for sticking with it. Once I start the Reboot I will no longer be able to eat anything extra though, which will be tough... but you can drink all the juice you want if you're feeling hungry.

What is a Reboot you may ask...

Well, awhile back I watched the documentary "Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead". I've seen several health documentaries (like Forks Over Knives)... but this one was a personal journey and I found it very inspiring. Joe (with supervision from his doctor) drank only vegetable/fruit juice (not from a bottle at the store, but juiced with a juicer, fresh produce) for 60 days!!! 

Juicing is a pretty cool thing and there are a lot of benefits to juicing.

A Reboot is a scheduled plan of eating fresh fruits and vegetables and also juicing. There are 4 different plans to choose from. 

Joe has a lot more videos on his site

I'm super excited about doing this. I think it's a healthy option and it will help me get rid of bad habits. 

Wish me luck and I will update as I can!

I can use all the support I can get!

PS... Doug went on another flight yesterday! He said it went really well. He could be soloing soon! I'm so proud of him! 

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